How can I be certain that the quality of a vehicle is as good as you promise?

100 Years of experience, we’re nearly Royal, and a high proportion of repeat customers are clear indicators of our professionalism. For example, as soon as a vehicle comes into stock, we subject it to an inspection under the supervision of TÜV. We make the test report available to our customers in unedited form and without reserve. You can find the report online and when you’re with us. You therefore know exactly what you are buying. We call this ‘accredited quality’. This is standard for each (export) vehicle.

When you provide us with the time for it (5 days) and agree to deliver an extra service package on your van we can provide you with European guarantee at your local dealership. Simply call our professional and experienced service desk: They speak 13 languages! We can deliver this additional guarantee for you at vans with a maximum of 180.000 km / 8 years old and it can be chosen for 3 months or 12 months.

If serious faults are discovered, and you did not choose an additional service and guarantee package we will repair the vehicle at cost price for you or send you the part for our cost price. We treat all complaints seriously.

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