How do I obtain an export registration plate?

Off course you can load your bought vehicle on or in a trailer or drive with it with your own insured registration plates. Be aware, driving home with a vehicle which is not prepared in our workshop with an additional service or guarantee pack is at your own risk. We can also arrange export registration plates and insurance for you.

There are 3 options:

Dutch export registration plates

  • Only available for Dutch vehicles with a valid Dutch vehicle safety inspection (APK) certificate
  • Valid for 14 days
  • Immediately available on working days
  • Price: €175 (including insurance)

In-Transit export registration plates (transito)

  • For vehicles which are not from The Netherlands with a valid technical inspection certificate
  • Valid for 14 days
  • Delivery 3 working days
  • Price: €275 (including insurance)

Austrian export registration plates

  • Possible for all vehicles
  • Valid for 21 days
  • Delivery: 1-2 working days
  • Price: from €400 (including insurance)
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