Are your prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT (BTW)?

All prices shown are exclusive of VAT (BTW), because of our mostly business clients. When you don’t have a valid VAT number simply add 21% VAT, except when the vehicle is displayed as being a margin vehicle (0% VAT / BTW). So we can sell to private persons. 

For companies we always check the validity of your VAT number in the international VIES system. You should have it activated for European transactions at your Chamber of Commerce in Europe.

You do not have to pay VAT (BTW) if you buy a vehicle that will be shipped outside the EU. You do however pay a VAT (BTW) deposit of average 10% of the purchase amount. When we get provided proof the vehicle left the EU at the place you informed us about on the contract and you provide us with your local registration you are refunded the deposit. After 12 months it’s redeemed into our account and can’t be claimed for.

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