Selling to Kleyn Vans

Our extensive stock is the result of our attractive purchasing policy. We offer an market conform price for used vehicles and need vans daily. So if you want to sell one or more vehicles, you have come to the right place! The buyers at Kleyn Vans constantly look for used vans,trucks, tractor units, semi-trailers and trailers from anywhere in the world and in all price ranges.

What benefits does Kleyn Vans offer as a purchasing partner?

  • We do not ask for a guarantee.
  • We offer a good market price.
  • We are interested in all brands and models of vans.
  • If you wish, we arrange shipping to the final destination.
  • We buy vehicles individually or in batches. Large batches are also welcome.
  • Because of our scale, we can offer fleet managers a reliable disposal channel. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.


What is the procedure?

Simply request an offer for your van and complete the form. One of our buyers will then contact you. You can also contact one of our salespeople directly. In most cases, he/she would want to know whether the vehicle is free of lease or financing, assess the vehicle by receiving photos, the mileage at the moment of coming in and check the registration (papers). Additional information about the engine’s power and its condition, body condition, check engine signals etcetera will provide you with a better offer. We always provide you with the current market value and are very happy you offering us your vehicle. We need vehicles every week and know the current market. If you and the buyer make a deal, further agreements will be made regarding delivery into our grounds or picking them up on our trailers (incl. second pair of keys, remote controls and full registration, maintenance and information documents), your identification duty and the following bank payment.

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