Explanation of shipping costs at Kleyn Vans

We are delighted to arrange delivery of your vans when you buy from us. You can find estimated shipping costs for every van and the most popular destinations worldwide on our website. The shipping costs include insurance and all paperwork. The shipping method used depends on the distance.


Road transport

Road transport is the most cost-effective method for most European destinations. When purchasing a van, you can calculate the costs for road transport directly. You will find this option to calculate costs on each vehicle page and on the checkout pages when you purchase a van from Kleyn Vans.

Overseas shipping

In this case, the shipping costs are made up of two components:

  • Transportation by Kleyn Vans to a Dutch or Belgian seaport.
  • Transportation by the shipping company to seaports elsewhere in the world.

The estimated shipping costs are based on the total of 1 and 2. The price includes insurance and all paperwork. The advantage of this method is that you do not have to pay the costs of insurance and the export registration plates for the journey from Kleyn Vans to the seaport.      


Im- / export easily arranged!

The facilities customs offer to certified companies are:

  •  Less administrative and physical checks which considerably shortens the handling time through Customs,
  •  Announcement beforehand and priority in case of checks,
  •  Acknowledgement of AEO safety certification by other countries (outside the European Union).

Download here the certificate of Kleyn Vans
Download here the certificate of Kleyn Trucks

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