Vans: Who are we?

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Kleyn Vans is one of the largest independent traders worldwide in used vans. You can choose from a continually changing stock of 500 used vehicles. Thanks to our worldwide sales and purchase network, 60 vehicles are added to our stock every week. Our range includes all European and Asian brands, model years and price categories. The experienced buyers at Kleyn Vans have worked in this field for many years, so they know exactly what customers want and buy in accordingly. This guarantees success.

As soon as a van comes into stock, we subject it to a technical inspection under the supervision of TÜV. This is how we determine the value and the selling price. As standard, all the test report information is provided with the vehicle in unedited form. You therefore know exactly what you are buying. We call this ‘accredited quality’.

Let the facts speak for themselves
  • A large proportion of repeat customers buys from Kleyn Vans.
  • We have traded in used vehicles for more than 90 years.
  • As soon as a van comes into stock, we subject it to an inspection under the supervision of TÜV. The test report is delivered with the van.
  • We treat all complaints seriously. If major unreported faults are discovered, we will refund all or part of the repair costs.
  • Our employees load up vehicles for transportation to worldwide destinations and arrange all associated paperwork on a daily basis.
  • In 2015, we sold vehicles to customers in more than 150 countries.
  • Our website is available in thirteen languages and our salespeople speak the customer’s language.

Who are we?

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