Bob van der Laan | Manager Vans

Bob is a longtime fan of commercial vehicles, of the sense of power while being on the move. Here at Kleyn he could not have asked for a better office view, as he is surrounded by these giants. He also appreciates our practical, down-to-earth work culture and how every workday is filled with enthusiastic energy. His goal is to keep Kleyn at the fore of the worldwide market and constantly looking for improvement of our daily processes. In his opinion our core business revolves around serving our customers with speed and focus. He maintains an open perspective to any of their wishes and needs, and endeavours to keep Kleyn an open and approachable business to all types of trade and transport businesses. He has honed his analytical and critical thinking process to the utmost, and enjoys the challenge of translating strategic matters to operational actions in limited time. As Kleyn has always tried to be ahead of the game on changing global situations, Bob will continue to keep our company centered in the world of today.

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