In addition, we offer Kleyn that little bit extra to give you a good service and the best experience! You can think of a short delivery time, various workshop services, rapid handling. As a client you expect quality, guarantee and only the best! The new bought vehicle will be used intensively. Therefore you have high demands on every vehicle you want to buy or lease. You are rightly so!

To offer you nothing more than the best we set the standards in our craftsmanship high as well.
The purchasers have a thorough procurement policy and seek only the best vehicles. Every vehicle that arrives on our terrain gets a full and comprehensive inspection. The vehicles will be repaired if necessary, neaten up nicely and painted or washed.

Every employee works according to established guidelines, regulations, standards and have the proper certification. This way our service level is high and you have the secure feeling of a good purchase. All the vehicles are sold with a full inspection report and in many cases a guarantee.

Such inspection report is unique in this branch. We are the only dealer in the entire sector that thoroughly checks the vehicle for you and gives you the full report! Do you want to know more about this report of about our guarantee policy? Read more in the special quality section in our FAQ.
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