Vans: Vehicle transporter

Cars are normally transported using a vehicle transporter. There are many different types of vehicle transporter for different applications. The most commonly used type is the vehicle transporter for passenger cars. This can transport up to 10 passenger cars, depending on the structure and the model of the car. There are also transporters for tractor units, vans and even complete trucks. Some vehicle transporters have a drive-on system; others use a crane.

Vehicle transporters are often used to tow away vehicles when the car or truck requiring recovery is not capable of moving under its own power because of a breakdown or accident damage. This is called a recovery vehicle. Recovery vehicles can also be used in no-parking tow zones. Semi-trailers that can be towed by drivers with a car and heavy trailer licence are also used for transporting one or two passenger cars. The major advantage of this type of semi-trailer is that the driver does not have to have a truck licence (a car and heavy trailer licence is enough).


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