Vans: Recovery vehicle

A recovery vehicle is a special type of vehicle transporter. A recovery vehicle is used when the car or truck requiring recovery is unable to move under its own power because of a breakdown or accident damage, or if it is parked incorrectly. The heavier types for recovering trucks are called recovery trucks or heavy wreckers. Other terms for recovery vehicles are breakdown truck, crane truck and tow truck.

Recovery vehicles are classed in three categories.

Crane truck: this type of truck uses a hook and an extendable crane boom. The hook is attached to the vehicle requiring recovery so that it can be lifted clear of the ground.

Spectacle lift recovery truck: this type uses a hydraulically powered set of forks (also called spectacles because of the shape) to lift the driven wheels of the vehicle requiring towing from the ground at the front or rear and then tow the vehicle on its front or rear wheels.

Drive-on truck: (also called a rollback) a winch is used to pull the vehicle requiring recovery completely onto the bed. To make this easier, the bed can be slid back off the recovery truck chassis using a hydraulic drive.

Recovery vehicles are multifunctional, so combinations of the above types also exist in great numbers. These vehicles are also mostly equipped with a winch for occasions when extra pulling power is required.


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