Vans: Box-body

A box-body is a classical truck consisting of a cab and a body. There are many different types of box-body trucks. The most common types have an enclosed body, a tarpaulin cover arrangement or a body with sliding side curtains (curtain sider). A curtain sider is easy to open at the side(s). Box-bodies with a tarpaulin cover can be loaded from the side or from above using, for example, a crane.

A box-body truck may be built for a specific application. Box-bodies of this type may be equipped with a refrigerated body, a tank, a scissor-lift or a hook-lift system. Special designs of box-body exist for transporting livestock and vehicles. A vehicle transporter can carry from 1 to 10 cars, depending on the model.
Instead of a high-side bed, a box-body can be equipped with a flat bed or an open bed with sideboards. A chassis-cab is supplied without a bed or body; the user can install a bed or special body to suit his exact needs.

Common types: DAF LF series, IVECO 120 E 25 EURO, M.A.N. 18.310 L, M.A.N. TGL 7.150 EURO4, M.A.N. TGL8.180 and MERCEDES-BENZ 1218. SCANIA, RENAULT and VOLVO are also popular brands.


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