In control of your gears in your manual transmission van.

Are you looking for a manual transmission van? Maybe your company needs new commercial vans, maybe you work independently for yourself and you need a good used van. The manual transmission van that you would like to drive, probably needs to meet some needs and wishes. Maybe you have a certain brand in mind, or an interior that your new manual transmission van needs to have.

At Kleyn Vans , you will find more than one manual transmission van, that meets your needs. We have manual transmission vans for sale that fit your budget. Occasions in all brands, manual and automatic transmission, you can find at Kleyn. Daily, new commercial vans come in, so we are sure that there always is one or more manual transmission van that might be interesting for you.

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Choose your manual transmission van  in a secure and transparent manner.

To help you choose the right manual transmission van from all used manual cars that we offer, you can see all our direct-shift gearbox vans online. Not only the pictures of the manual transmission van might help you choose, we offer you the full technical specifications on the manual transmission van too. These specifications are the result of our thorough inspection of the manual transmission van. For each and every truck that we offer, we provide a technical report.

The inspection report, that comes with the manual transmission van that you find interesting,  is supervised by the German supervising agency TÜV. This way we can assure our customers that the information that we share on the manual transmission van, is 100% true and transparent. Because you know the exact state of the manual transmission van you are looking at, it makes it so much easier and quicker to choose a manual transmission van that fits you.

Would you like to buy or lease the manual transmission van that you will drive?

Buying your manual transmission van is nice. You will really own the manual transmission van. But buying can be costly, even if you decide to buy a used manual transmission van. At Kleyn you can find your manual transmission van the easy way, with plenty of vans to choose from and good prices for the occasions. Still, there could be a smarter way to of manual transmission driving: did you consider to lease the manual transmission van you would like to drive? Leasing could be a saving you much money. Would you like us to calculate with you, what would be the smartest way for you to drive the manual transmission van you would like to drive? Do not hesitate to contact our experts.
One of our satisfied customers

Jan Willem Klop, Director / Owner Graphical Company called Crezée:

“Under pressure you perform the best, that's something we know and experience. Letterheads, envelopes, magazines, mailings, printed flyers are flying out daily. Our company van is our business card. We use it for each delivery.”

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