Vans: Tarpaulin cover

A tarpaulin cover is the oldest form of enclosure for a closed body. The body consists of a flat bed with pivoting boards of approximately 50cm in height on all sides. A framework, which supports the tarpaulin, is mounted from the bed. The framework is made from metal posts at the sides, at a pitch of approximately 2 metres. These posts are called uprights. Carriers are mounted on top of the posts. Wooden or aluminium boards are fitted lengthways between the uprights and stacked on top of each other up to a height of approximately 40cm. Aluminium tubes are fitted lengthways between the carriers. When loading from one side, the tarpaulin is pulled up onto the roof and the frame dismantled. When loading from the top using, for example, a crane, the complete tarpaulin is pulled forwards and folded up so that it occupies a length of approximately one metre and the frame is dismantled up to that point. Dismantling the cover and frame in order to load from the side takes approximately 45 minutes. Dismantling the complete cover and frame takes about 90 minutes.

Typical box-body trucks with a tarpaulin cover are the DAF LF 45.180, RENAULT MAGNUM and RENAULT MIDLUM. MAN, IVECO, MERCEDES-BENZ and SCANIA also offer various models of this type. SCHMITZ is a well-known constructor of tarpaulin-top bodies.


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