What is useful to know about Financial Lease?

Why do you need so little information from me?
The reason we need so little information is because we work in a different way then the other leasing companies do. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for every client. When you are at a bank you need tot deliver all the information yourself. The information is available already. We simply request it from other agencies.

What is the security for the bank in case of a Financial Lease?
The certainty and collateral we have is the vehicle itself. If you are in financial difficulties and can not meet the payment obligations, we recover this by collecting the vehicle and nothing else. This gives you and us the certainty everybody needs.

Why is Kleyn cheaper than other providers?
We try to do as much business as possible by telephone and email. This enables us to significantly save on office and reception staff. You can see this in the offers we do.

Can I make repayments earlier than planned?
Yes, you can repay early. If you make an early repayment the fine is 10% from the lost interest.

What happens if I have a bad credit-coding?
A bad credit-coding of the past need not be a problem, as long as it is resolved.

Can I make a deposit?
Yes a deposit or downpayment is possible. The monthly fee will be even lower if you make an initial downpayment. The prices you initially see on this website are calculations without deposit.

Can I trade in my current vehicle?
Of course you can redeem your car. We always offer an accurate and fair price for your old vehicle.

What is a final term?
The final term is the last term you need to pay. This amount is always higher than the monthly terms. The residual value of the vehicle will be about the same as the final term.

What is the interest rate?
The annual interest rate is approximately 8.6%

Is the interest tax deductible?
This depends. In the Netherlands the interest is indeed tax deductible. The investment is 28% of the interest. The actual interest you pay is therefore approximately 6.2%.

When am I the owner of the vehicle?
You are the owner from the moment the first term has been paid.

Can I put advertising on the vehicle?
Yes, you are the owner of the vehicle. You can put as much advertising on it as you want.

What are the benefits of Financial Lease?
If you choose to Financial Lease a vehicle you pay a fixed amount per month. This lets you know what you've spend a month and keeps your finances in order.

Can I also use Financial Lease when I am a starting entrepreneur ?
For starters Financial Lease is the best method to buy a (company) car. As a starter you need to spend a lot of money on other things. With Financial Lease, you have the advantage of not paying a large amount at once but
spread smaller amounts over time.

Is Financial Lease also suitable for freelancers?
For Freelancers Financial Lease is a good solution. With Financial Lease you spread your expenses and you know what you are paying. So you keep your finances under control.

Do I have to pay VAT? And can I claim a refund?
Yes when you buy the vehicle you need to pay VAT, but you can fully refund it from the tax service.

Does the price include road tax and insurance?
No, Financial Lease is a bare lease form.
You can arrange the insurrance yourself and take your claim-free years into account.
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