What is Financial Lease?

The Benefits of Financial Lease:
  • Tax depreciation
  • Determine the duration yourself
  • Transparent
  • Low interest rate
  • Investment deduction
  • No claim on your liquidity
  • Even lower lease amount possible due to final term deposit or vehicle trade in.

Financial Lease or business lease is a special product for entrepreneurs who want to have convenience and security. At Financial Lease you do not need to use your own funds and the funding is separate from your other business financing. You can determine the duration that matches the depreciation and the lease of the object. Because the interest you pay for your Financial Lease Agreement is fixed in advance, you pay a monthly lease amount. The interest rate remains stable during the period of the lease unchanged. So you know exactly where you stand. Bright and clear. In short, no opaque financial structures, but a fixed aflosbedrag, a fixed term and a fixed low rate.

Ideal for entrepreneurs
As an entrepreneur, you know how important and needed a car for your business. But at the same time you also know that the purchase of a new car can be quite an impact on your working capital and liquidity. To ensure that you simply can continue to undertake, without using a drain on your cash should do, you can ask us a commercial lease. Lets you pay the car just in monthly installments, while the car is completely yours.
With the purchase of a car through Finalease.nl you can use all the tax benefits you enjoy as a beneficial owner of the car, such as depreciation, investment etc. without your working capital decreases. The car is the only collateral for us, what your kredietfacileit not further endanger.

Transparent product
The lease object comes under the heading of Financial Lease on your balance. You are from the first lease term owner of the object. You pay a fixed monthly lease amount for your Financial Lease partly because interest rates unchanged during the term of the lease. You know exactly where you stand. Very transparent so.

You can move the object up to the purchase price exclusive VAT Leasing. Any VAT you directly to the tax authorities recover all, you are the beneficial owner. Also, the trade-in or a part payment belong to the possibilities. Furthermore there is the possibility of a final term at the level of the actual residual value to be included in the lease, so the lease term even lower.
The car costs, such as repairs, maintenance, insurance and ownership tax will be for your own account. This gives you as beneficial owner so completely in your hands.

Low lease term
With Financial Lease your car, including options and accessories-for the full amount (excluding VAT) finance. Also trading in your current car or a down payment are possible. We can also offer financing with a final deadline in line with the value of your vehicle and the monthly lease term even lower. With us you are assured of financial customization.

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