Can I make early repayments on my Financial Lease?

Many people wonder what the consequences are if you repay earlier then needed on your Financial Lease agreement? There arise unfairly many stories about huge sums to be paid. With us it is simple and cheap. How cheap? We will show you below!

If you want to pay off early you need to compensate only 10% from the interest that you otherwise would have to pay. But what does this mean in reality. The following example is correct based on the interest rates in January 2013. This example may therefore differ slightly when interest rates change.


The vehicle you want to lease is worth €10.000. Suppose you pay a total of 2300 of interest over 60 months for the Vehicle that your are leasing. This is a monthly fee of 205. After 3 years (36 months) you would like to repay the the remaining amount in one time.  It is  important to know how much compensation you have to pay. In this case, the total interest remaining ( 2300) is 390 on. You only need to pay 10%. This equates to a total compensation payment of only € 39.

How beneficial is early repayment?
We can, based on the previous example also calculate how beneficial early repayment actually is and how much money you have saved. So by paying € 39 you save yourself from paying 24 terms of € 205. This results in € 4920 (24 x € 205). Because you are repaying the vehicle early you only need to pay the resedual value + fee. That is 
€ 4355 + € 39. This is a difference of € 526 in your advantage.
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