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Alarm Class 3 SCM
€ 999
Footboard behind
€ 295
2-seater front right
€ 595
Ladder role
€ 195
€ 285
Bar on bar paneling
€ 795
Floor brown plywood
€ 295
Wheelhouse paneling
€ 195
Black cut rubber floor
€ 85
Stainless steel sidebar
€ 595
Radio / CD
€ 185
Car kit
€ 295
€ 795
Rotating beacon
€ 195
€ 695
Reversing camera
€ 500
Vehicle track & trace system
€ 219

The above-mentioned prices are all including assembly and excluding VAT.

From ordering along with your new van to complete assembly

At Kleyn Vans we think it is not only important that you find the right bus, but also that you can do all your work with pleasure. And that includes the right version and most complete van. We can offer this in the way you want;

  • You are even more convenient than we are and we deliver the part separately at the back of your new van. You assemble yourself.
  • You choose to be completely unburdened by us and we assemble the accessories you have chosen.
  • We send the accessories for net shipping costs.
  • You pick it up in Vuren.

Please note that when we have to assemble a part for you, we need assembly time in addition to a number of days for delivery. Because of this, it is possible that if you have purchased a bus from us and we have to install accessories for a repeat order, the delivery time will be several days.

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