Vans: Dutch Vehicle Authority (RDW)

Kleyn Vans has been granted various accreditations by the Dutch Vehicle Authority (RDW). We are authorised for the ‘Tenaamstelling Voertuigen’ (transfer of ownership) process, meaning that we can transfer the Dutch vehicle registration to the van’s new owner after purchase. When you sell a Dutch vehicle to us, you receive a ‘vrijwaringsbewijs’ (certificate of indemnification). Kleyn Vans possesses the correct certificates for this. Our RDW accreditation also includes performance of the annual Dutch vehicle safety inspections (Algemene Periodieke Keuring or APK).

The Dutch Vehicle Authority (RDW) ensures that all vehicles on the public roads comply with the required safety and environmental regulations. The RDW also manages basic vehicle registration in the Netherlands. This register contains the details of the vehicle and those of the owner/authorised user. This government body sets stringent standards for companies in the vehicle sector with regard to performance of certain activities. Compliance is regularly assessed by a company inspector from the RDW.

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